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Concussions: When to Seek Medical Help

Concussions aren’t just for professional sports players. You could be playing a fun game of catch in the back yard, biking through the neighborhood or using a step ladder to paint the family room when the injury strikes. More than a bump to the head, concussions are brain injuries that come with a wide range of symptoms and outcomes.

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Why is mesothelioma so deadly?

Nearly 2,000,000 people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer this year, according to estimates by the American Cancer Society – and of those, only about 3,000 patients will be diagnosed with mesothelioma, making it a rare cancer in this country.

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Healthy Sleep Habits

If you wake up tired most mornings, you’re not alone. From tossing and turning all night to insomnia and other sleep disorders, there are many reasons you could be waking up without the deep, restorative sleep you need to be your best. While some of these may be out of your control, there are ways to improve your sleep.

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Backpack Safety Tips

As our kids head back to school, they’re also heading back to busy schedules, learning opportunities and fun get-togethers. But they’re also heading back to the risk for pain.

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