Avail Hospital’s Radiology Department offers comprehensive professional radiology services for patients through our physicians, technical, and support staff.

Our services include state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging equipment for detection, diagnostic, and therapeutic care and proven methodologies to yield the most accurate and precise results possible.

Avail’s diagnostic imaging services leverage some of the most cutting-edge technologies in medical imaging. Our CT scanners generate unparalleled images with high spatial and temporal resolution, whole organ coverage, and even dynamic visualization of motion and vascular flow — all up to 50% quieter and at a lower radiation dosage than standard CTs.

What does this mean for you? Your Avail doctor can transform detailed images into confident, accurate diagnoses within the hour. Your entire heart can be scanned in less than five heartbeats, saving critical time, and allowing your team at Avail to get you the care you need much faster. You will be taken care of with Avail’s powerful suite of imaging technologies equipped for rapid trauma assessment, radiation-sensitive pediatric modalities, advanced cardiac imaging applications, and much more.

We are focused on continuously evolving and improving our radiology services to provide capabilities based on rapid advances in leading-edge diagnostic technology to help ensure our patients the highest quality care. Our imaging capabilities at Avail Hospital are a crucial component of that care. Every test and scan is evaluated by our expert team of physicians, radiologists, and technicians, ensuring you get the results you need faster and more efficiently.

Our imaging services include:

  • CT Scan
  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Cardiac Ultrasound
  • Cardiac CT

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